Cinetics moco motion control unit dolly [Full Day]

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Full Day Rental period is 24 hours.
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The Cinetics CineMoco Slider System enables smooth motor controlled motion on any terrain and collapses into backpack-able travel bags. The V wheels ride smoothly on flat surfaces and also on SkateTrack. The CineMoco System includes a CineMoco motor and controller, a SkatePlate frame, V Wheels, Skate Track, and ball head. CineMoco is a powerful and versatile motion control system that makes smooth repeatable moves for video, shoots photos between moves for time-lapse photography, and moves on command for stop motion animation. It runs from open source software and includes a built in 5-hour rechargeable battery. CineMoco works best horizontally, but can also do inclines of up to 10°. Most CineMoco functions do not require a camera cable. SkatePlate is the dolly frame that has a retractable, quick-set-up design. Simply fold the 3 legs out and tighten the handles, and the SkatePlate locks in to a sturdy configuration. You can follow the easy-to-read illustrations found on the face of the SkatePlate to line up the wheels for straight shots or curves and use the gradated notches for optimum alignment every time. The SkatePlate is also compatible with CineSkates, CineSquid, and many other products (all sold separately) with Cinetics Connect technology. CineSkates V Wheels are made specifically to give you a smooth roll both on flat surfaces and on the Cinetics SkateTrack. They form a seamless connection with the SkateTrack and keep your camera rolling, no matter what surface you encounter. They utilize the Cinetics Connect platform for quick snap-on, snap-off assembly. SkateTrack is a 4’ (1.2m) long track assembly that breaks down in to 2’ (60.9cm) sections in seconds for quick storage and is small enough to fit in a backpack. It includes four 2’ (60.9cm) rail sections, three 7.09” (180mm) connectors, and 2 outrigger legs. If you need a longer set-up, you can add additional SkateTrack sections (sold separately) to expand your track.

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