Zhiynu-Tec Crane 3 gimbal for video [Full day]

$140.00 ex. GST

Full day is 24 hours


The Zhiynu-Tec Crane 3 gimbal is the latest technology in gimbal stabiliser design. A secondary handle with access to all controls, allows for greater distribution of weight, making it more comfortable for use over longer periods. The gimbal supports two optional motors for focus and zoom; both controllable from the secondary handle and the app. The other key feature of the Crane 3 is that it can support up to 4.5kgs of camera and lense combination. This makes it possible to support all DSLRs and some smaller video cameras.
  • Smartphone monitor
  • HDMI image transmission
  • G-Mode motion control (mimic joystick)
  • Time-lapse
  • Motion-lapse
  • Auto-follow object mode
  • Adjust camera exposure values (ISO, white balance, framing etc.)
  • Two Channels for focus and zoom control

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