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Profoto B10 TTL Battery Flash

$2,590.00 ex. GST

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The profoto B10 is the replacement for the B2, its smaller better designed and has more features. It’s like a mini B1, with 250 Watts of power in something the size of a large lens, rechargeable battery pack, video usable LED modeling light, 10 stops of control, fast recycle 0.05 – 2.2 sec and flash durations as fast as 1/50,000th second in freeze mode. 2500 lumen LED with variable colour temperature, 6500K – 3000K, and a CRI of between 90 – 96 for video shooting. With 400 full power flashes per charge or 75 minutes of run time for video, and it’s not much bigger than a speed light. It has an integrated air remote which means its controllable with all the Profoto TTL air remotes. This isn’t even it for the B10, because this flash introduces Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile app to the series. The app provides wireless controls, can be used to update the flash or take flash photos with your smartphone.


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