Rode NTG4+ shotgun microphone

$50.00 ex. GST

Rode NGT4+ shotgun mic is a top quality microphone for film and video sound recording.


The Rode NTG4+ shotgun microphone has been designed especially with filmmaking, field recording and broadcast applications in mind. It features a super-cardioid directional pickup pattern and a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. The NTG4+ has a sensitivity of -32 dB, and a dynamic range of up to 119 dB. It also has the capability to reduce low frequency and infrasonic rumble with a built in 75 Hz high pass filter. The NTG4+ includes a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery supplying the microphone with 150 hours of phantom power. Recharging takes approximately two hours. Simply connect to a portable power pack or to a USB wall adapter with a Micro USB.

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