Sigma MC-11
Sigma MC-11

Sigma MC-11 lens EF to E mount converter [Full day]

$25.00 ex. GST

1 day is 24hours


The Sigma MC-11 convertor allows EF lenses to work seamlessly on Sony E mount bodies. With compatible lenses, the auto focus and exposure controls function perfectly. The Sigma MC-11 is arguably the best EF to E mount convertor on the market. Note: The Sigma MC-11 has a built in LED which tells you if a lens will work with a green light showing compatibility. It is recommended that you visit us prior to booking the MC-11 if you intend to use it on your own lenses to ensure compatibility. If left on camera body without a lens cap during the day, there is a high risk of damaging  the sensor due to sunburn.    

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