Studio [Out of Hours Rental]

$75.00 ex. GST

Studio rental outside of regular working hours (7.30am – 6.30pm) can be arranged at an extra hourly charge of $75 per hour.

Please indicate number of extra hours required below.


Studio Space The studio is designed for stills and small video shoots. • It measures 12 meters x 9.8 meters with a ceiling height of 3.4 metres rising to 4.8 metres at the centre of the building. • It has a two sided white cyclorama and white floor. • The walls, ceiling and main door have been sound-proofed to enable quality sound recording. • In the ceiling we have an alloy frame on pulleys to hang lights and or fabrics off. ​• The studio is equipped with several sheets of black and white poly, a 2.7m adjustable studio camera stand, six lighting stands, sandbags, a computer trolley, cutters and some gels. • For video we have 5 x 1K floods we can attach up to the frame to light the white walls at a cost of $15 per light. It takes three 1K floods to light the large wall and two 1K floods to evenly light the smaller wall. • The studio comes with two car parks with more parking available on the street, air conditioning, a music system and wifi. Production Space The foyer outside the studio is used for production, makeup and wardrobe. • The space is 14 x 3 meters. • It has good natural light, client seating and a work table. • A steamer, iron, ironing board and clothes trolley are all available. • A coffee and tea making room and toilet facilities are off the hallway.